BOOST Programme

Are you ready to scale your social impact innovation?

BOOST supports the development and scaling of innovations that reduce inequality and poverty, promote resilience and gender equality, and tackle issues related to governance, energy, and the environment. Our calls for innovations tap into the potential of changemakers in the region to reimagine a better and sustainable future.

What do I get if selected?

Join the BOOST community of changemakers, international experts and investors, to help boost your innovative work throughout and beyond our 16-week online acceleration programme.

Tailor-made training programme: The programme includes professional skills training and support to develop and scale your innovation. We help you choose the modules and classes that are relevant to your organization, field of work, and specific needs.

Mentorship scheme: You will be matched with world-renowned experts in the areas of leadership, business development and digital transformation, to guide you in developing and reimagining the work of your organization.

Grant schemes and support to attract alternative financing. Compete to receive equity-free seed capital to scale your innovation. To date, more than USD $300,000 has been awarded to the most promising BOOST innovations.

Access to global networks, leveraging UNDP’s presence (170 countries and territories) and longstanding partnerships.

Networking with innovators from across Europe and Central Asia working to tackle the same development challenges. Connect, exchange ideas, and team up to boost your innovations.

Who can apply?

Applicants can be private sector entities, including social enterprises, startups and SMEs, academic institutions, or non-profit organizations. Each call states the eligibility criteria, including type of organization and countries or territories of operation.

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BOOST Program

BOOST is an intensive 16-week online acceleration programme that includes a series of training modules, workshops and individual mentoring sessions led by international experts, experienced in leadership, organizational and business development, digital transformation, behavioral insights, impact measurement and management, and other fields. Browse our open calls for innovations and apply today.

The programme is designed to help selected organizations to strengthen innovation, technology, and social impact in their organizations or business models. Participants learn how to reimagine and implement impact-driven innovations, increase reach and visibility, attract alternative financing and other resources, and establish and nurture long-lasting partnerships. The programme aims at strengthening capabilities, improving business and digital skills, investment readiness, and soft skills.


MODULE 1: Sensemaking

Sensemaking is a strategic tool that enables the generation of learnings, identifies connections between different actors, and results in systemic-level insights. BOOST participants are taken through a sensemaking exercise to gain a broader understanding of the ecosystem in which they operate, and what inherent yet unseen interconnections can be leveraged between different innovations within the cohort.

MODULE 2: Business Development

A step-by-step roadmap to building enduring business models, using best practices and input from successful entrepreneurs from across the globe. The module includes sessions around design thinking, value proposition, business model innovation, branding strategies, and more. 

MODULE 3: Digital Transformation

The module consists of a personalized journey through a series of workshops and mentorship guidance, helping organizations define, assess, and manage their digital strategy. The module helps participants establish a framework and assess their current approach to digital technology and how a digital strategy can transform their impact. 

MODULE 4: Impact Measurement and Management

In this module, business participants are supported with capacity and needs assessment, gap analysis and identification of impact vision and strategy. The assessment is followed by the design of a theory of change built on the ‘Business Lean Model’, and selection of relevant matrix and indicators toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

MODULE 5: Crowdfunding

BOOST offers access to UNDP’s Crowdfunding Academy, which builds the capacities of participants to diversify their funding sources by designing and running crowdfunding campaigns. Through online lectures and hands-on exercises, participants learn how to create the key elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign so that they can launch their own. 

MODULE 6: Behavioral Insight

This module introduces the participants to behavioral insights and its applications, looking at human behavior and the various cognitive and behavioral biases that drive this behavior. Theoretical material is complemented with real-world examples of how different institutions use behavioral insights.

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