Mapla Biotechnology

Mapla Biotechnology addresses the problem of plastic pollution by producing zero-waste bioplastic and compost fertilizer using food waste. 

Mapla Biotechnology

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Merve Atalay

Merve Atalay


The problem

According to UN data, approximately 30% of the food produced worldwide is thrown away. Furthermore, plastic pollution including from food production harms the ecosystem. This leads to a loss of valuable resources such as soil, water, energy and human labor 

The solution

Mapla Biotechnology, together with the biotechnological R&D, have developed a zero waste solution by extracting useful components from food waste and converting them into raw materials and value-added products, including zero waste bioplastic and compost fertilizer 




Mapla Biotech is tackling environmental challenges, contributing to sustainability and a circular economy. Currently, Mapla Biothech completed its validation in the laboratory process. According to the American Metallurgical Association’s analysis, the team emits an identical amount of carbon dioxide resulting from clearing a square kilometre of forest by processing 5 tons of food waste. 

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