New algorithm

LLC New algorithm is developing a digital skills learning platform to empower and unlock opportunities for girls and women in Tajikistan. 

New algorithm

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The problem

Women in Tajikistan face a number of challenges related to their education and professional development. Due to men’s increasing labour mobility, married women with children frequently become financially dependent stay-at-home spouses who care for the household. This is a barrier to women’s career advancement and results in gender inequality, especially in digital and IT sector. While the demand of professionals is growing, women remain inactive. 

The solution

LLC New algorithm provides an educational programme for girls and women with a focus on digital skills. The programme involves the possibility of paid internships and future employment. Improving digital literacy will provide opportunities for advancement, additional income, and financial independence. In this way, women will have opportunity to actively participate in the country’s economy. 


LLC New algorithm aims to provide career opportunities for women, addressing SDG 8 (decent work and economic growth). Currently, 30 young students who graduated from the programme received job offers and have been employed. The team strives to provide equal opportunities for quality education and aims to become a learning centre, with the top career-oriented courses for students. 

What they're saying about BOOST

“The BOOST programme is a life changing trampoline! 

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