PhaseGrowth is a digital tool for in-company trainings that allows industries to acquire knowledge and skills based on data and knowledge from upstream systems. The tool allows them to instantly update their competences as new information in the field appears, and is combined with peer cooperation and consultancy/guidance through the platform.


Year founded

Tallinn, Estonia




Rosen Dimov

Rosen Dimov


The challenge

PhaseGrowth aims to ensure the smart and safe mobility of people in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many mobile applications but none makes efficient use of satellite data and unstructured data (social media) to make a decentralised, independent and trustworthy evaluation of hygienic, COVID-19 free places.

The solution

PhaseGrowth blends together data from the EU Satellite Systems Galileo and Copernicus and social media publications by users to map the safest areas. The solution aggregates data in real time and cannot be manipulated, as it is fully decentralised. The system allows free mobility for business and leisure travel, within a country or across boundaries.



PhaseGrowth is currently in the alpha testing period and has achieved precision of over 97% of the predictions that the system gives with a delay of the results of 3-5 microseconds. In February, PhaseGrowth will begin beta testing in the Narva region of Estonia.