Join us for our BOOST Talks series: Growing stronger during Covid-19

The impact of Covid-19 on business models? is the second webinar of the BOOST Talks series. It’s part of BOOST, a UNDP-led initiative that uses social innovation to tackle Covid-19 challenges in the Europe and Central Asia region and beyond. 

Covid-19 has presented numerous businesses with significant challenges to their models of operation. In BOOST Talks, we will be joined by Tahero Nori, founder and CEO of TechBuddy, the leading company for in-home tech support in Europe. TechBuddy is currently operating across Sweden, Spain, Germany and Israel. Through its digital platform, the company provides high quality on-demand and on-site tech support by connecting tech talent with customers who need technical guidance and support. 

The pandemic has brought significant challenges to the company, since their tech experts, “Buddies”, visit their customers at home to fix any kind of tech-related issue or provide help for new products. But TechBuddy’s team has been proactive and able to adapt, act fast and find new ways to create momentum for the next stage of their business growth.

In our conversation with Tahero Nori, we hope to learn more about the challenges they faced as a team, what kept them going, and how they adjusted their business model, product and operations, to not only survive the pandemic but grow stronger as a result.

Webinar Information:

Friday 26 February 2021, 17:00 CET (1 hour), registration necessary


  • Tahero Nori, CEO and Founder, TechBuddy

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