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BOOST x Kosovo

The Kosovo Green Challenge: NextGen

Submission deadline:
October 31, 2023

For a greener future 

Kosovo is already grappling with the far-reaching consequences of the triple planetary crisis, encompassing climate change, environmental degradation, and biodiversity loss. Furthermore, climate change is anticipated to have substantial repercussions in the Western Balkans, including Kosovo. These effects will manifest as increasing temperatures, shifts in precipitation patterns, and a heightened risk of forest fires, droughts, crop damage, soil erosion and flooding. These impacts are already taking a toll, as rising temperatures, heatwaves, forest fires, reduced snow cover, heavy rainfall, and floods are all disrupting the region’s ecosystem, agriculture, water resources, and socio-economic stability.  

The recent flash floods that occurred in Kosovo in 2023 serve as a clear illustration of the severity of these challenges, resulting in loss of life, property damage, crop failures, and the temporary displacement of numerous residents. Recognizing the urgency of addressing these environmental and economic shocks, there’s a growing need to accelerate the shift towards sustainable practices in Kosovo.  

The loss of jobs and financial setbacks affecting various sectors, coupled with diminishing incentives for private sector actors, particularly women, to engage in eco-friendly initiatives, underscore the critical importance of supporting these actors in spearheading the green transition. Embracing a green recovery strategy not only offers the potential to create new employment opportunities and rebuild the nation’s economy but also paves the way for a climate-resilient future, bolstering Kosovo’s competitiveness.   

UNDP Kosovo is launching the second edition of the Kosovo Green Challenge to support green recovery in the private sector by fostering an enabling environment with a people-centered approach. This acceleration programme is a pivotal and holistic initiative aimed at steering us towards recovery from the dual challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and energy crises. It seeks to establish a conducive environment, while placing the well-being of the most marginalized communities at the forefront of its priorities. 

We invite micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) looking to bolster their resilience, but lack the necessary knowledge and funding, to submit innovative solutions, addressing the interconnected environmental, economic, social, and health crises. These crises underscore the importance of pursuing an equitable and inclusive green recovery. 

The BOOST x Kosovo acceleration program will handpick a maximum of 30 MSMEs that demonstrate significant business potential for making the shift towards environmental sustainability as a crucial component of a green recovery. This programme will focus on developing sustainable business models, enhancing risk management capabilities, and fortifying disaster resilience. Through their participation, these enterprises will propel their innovative solutions to the next level and amplify their impact. We place particular emphasis on supporting women-led MSMEs and those poised to generate significant employment opportunities, fostering a comprehensive transition toward a greener future. 

 At the end of the programme, 10 MSMEs will be awarded grants, with a total budget of 70,000 EUR to be distributed (a 20% co-financing is requested from the MSMEs).  

What we're looking for?

We aim to support innovative green solutions, with a particular focus on those that promote greener business practices and enhance: 

  1. Sustainability 
  2. Efficiency 
  3. Circular economy practices 
  4. Digitalization 

Eligibility criteria

  • Type: You are a local MSME with at least 1 year of business operations. 
  • Location: You are registered and intend to implement your project in Kosovo. 
  • Language: Proficiency in English, Albanian, and/or Serbian. 

Priority will be given to MSMEs that have not been part of the first edition of BOOST x Kosovo.

Selection criteria

  • Innovation: Demonstrate the use of cutting-edge technologies, innovative digital tools, or introduces novel ideas, approaches, products, or services to a target group or market. 
  • Viability and scalability: The innovative solution can be developed, tested, and/or implemented within one month after graduating from the BOOST x Kosovo acceleration programme. Furthermore, it also has the potential to be scaled, either within its current geographical region of operation or beyond.  
  • Potential for impact: MSMEs should exhibit a strong understanding of the systems in which they operate and the ability to continually assess and adapt their businesses to changing contexts and markets. The innovation solution should demonstrate a high potential for impact through a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  
  • Management: MSMEs must demonstrate an adequate team with clear roles and responsibilities, along with the capacity to implement their innovations within one month. 


October 31
Deadline for applications
30 MSMEs selected
MSMEs needs assessment
Module 1: SDG Impact Management
Module 2: Digital Transformation
Module 3: Business Acceleration
Module 4: Green Transformation
November-January 2024
BOOSTer Modules
November-January 2024
Business Talks
November-January 2024
Mentorship sessions and getting pitch ready
January 2024
Graduation event
February-May 2024
Grant distribution and implementation

Who can apply

Type of applicant:
Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises
List of eligible locations:
Kosovo (as per UNSCR 1244)




The BOOST x Kosovo acceleration programme offers MSMEs the opportunity to become game-changing innovators with the support of our world-class experts, who will be there at every step of your journey to address your needs and enhance your skills!

BOOST x Kosovo Journey 

1 Deadline for applications: 31 October
2 30 MSMEs selected: November
3 MSMEs needs assessment: November
4 Module 1 - SDG Impact Management: November
5 Module 2 - Digital Transformation: November
6 Module 3 - Business Acceleration: November-December
7 Module 4 - Green Transformation: November-December
8 BOOSTer Modules: November-January 2024
9 Business Talks: November-January 2024
10 Mentorship sessions and getting pitch ready: November-January 2024
11 Graduation event: January 2024
12 Grant distribution and implementation: February-May 2024


The BOOST x Kosovo acceleration programme curriculum is perfectly tailored for you to expand your knowledge and accelerate your innovative solution.  

The programme includes a combination of individual and group mentoring sessions for entrepreneurship, coaching, and technical advice, aimed at enhancing your impact-driven capabilities, improving your business skills, preparing you for investment, and developing soft skills, including networking and pitching. It also facilitates access to extensive business networks, investors, and other types of funders while increasing your organization's cross-sector visibility. 
MODULE 1: SDG Impact Management  

Module 1 focuses on equipping the MSMEs with a better understanding of the concept and principles of impact and how impact interlinks with sustainability and scalability. The MSMEs will learn how to develop SDG-aligned impact visions and theories of change, with indicators for proper impact monitoring and management. 

MODULE 2: Digital Transformation  

Module 2 consists of a training course focused on the principles for digital development and how they can be applied to drive social impact. The course introduces nine digital principles, contextualizes them in a case study, and showcases tools and resources that can be applied to all stages of a project life cycle. 


MODULE 3: Business Acceleration

Module 3 focuses on developing the MSMEs’ business, organizational, and management skills and capabilities. Participants get access to a step-by-step roadmap and approaches to building enduring business models to further develop and scale their projects and solutions. Topics covered in this module include Design thinking, Understanding your Target Group and Value Proposition, Prototyping, Building and Testing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Business Model Innovation, Financial Resilience, Innovative Finance, Design and Branding Strategies: (Agile) Project Management, Storytelling, Preparing and Presenting a Pitch Deck. 

MODULE 4: Green Transformation 

Module 4 introduces the green economy concept, environmental challenges, and circular economy. During the sessions, you will explore ways to promote an inclusive green economy and integrate innovation and green transition into your business modules (enhance energy management in the commercial and industrial domains, main risks and their mitigation, financing possibilities, market trends, etc.). 


To ensure the best outcome of the learning journey, you will be matched with mentors with whom you will have routine meetings to discuss and evaluate your organization’s progress. These focal points and mentors will also match you with relevant individuals, organizations and investors in their respective networks as well as facilitate peer-to-peer learning by connecting MSMEs working in similar fields and/or using similar technologies or business models. 

Key partners

Funding Partners 


BOOST is an impact acceleration program powered by UNDP Europe and Central Asia. The program’s core mission is to reimagine the future through innovation. The BOOST x Kosovo edition is organized by UNDP Kosovo.

Knowledge Partners


Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) is a centre whose aim is to connect research and development component of scientific field with the business sector, focusing on creating new job opportunities oriented towards the future, based on knowledge and new technology. ICK was founded to support entrepreneurship, innovation and commercially based business development, with a focus on information and communication technology. The centre supports both start-ups and existing companies with the potential for growth.