Frequently asked questions

BOOST acceleration program

1. What is BOOST?

BOOST is a regional acceleration program, powered by UNDP Europe and Central Asia, together with leading regional and global partners. BOOST supports changemakers and innovators to address complex development challenges by using a systems thinking approach. The program provides innovators with professional support through trainings and mentorship, awards equity-free seed capital, and creates a community of innovators across the region. Read more here. 

2. How can I apply for a BOOST open call?

Check out the Challenges page to see all our current calls for innovations, and information about the program, eligibility and selection criteria. If your organization or company is eligible for the call, you can apply using the available application form. Calls can be region-specific and target specific industries and type of organizations. 

3. How can I launch a BOOST open call?

If you are interested in joining BOOST as a partner, you can send us a partnership request at with information about your organization, including mission, goals, and other related information. Read more here.

4. Is it possible to apply for different open calls?

Yes, if eligible, you can apply for several calls. All new open calls are announced here.

5. What are the benefits of BOOST? What will my organization or company earn from the program?

BOOST provides professional support and access to finance for organizations and companies in different sectors, working on innovations to address complex development challenges. Participants access a highly qualified mentor pool, funding opportunities, a tailored program and coaching, as well as UNDP’s global presence and longstanding partnerships. Read more here.

6. Does my organization or company need to pay any fee during or after the application?

No, applying and participating in the BOOST acceleration program is totally cost-free. 

7. Does my organization or company need seed funding to apply for BOOST?

No, there is no mandatory seed funding for the application.

8. Are there any other funding opportunities after completing the program? If yes, what?

Equity-free seed capital, or grants, are awarded the most promising innovations within each BOOST cohort. The sum of the grants differs between the calls, starting from US$10.000. The program also acts as a platform connecting participants with other investment opportunities, through its BOOST Pitching Events. The program also includes a crowdfunding module, to build capacity of participants to successfully design and launch digital crowdfunding campaigns. 

9. Which language is preferred in the applications? Are there any calls and programs in different languages?

The BOOST program is run in English. However, region-specific open calls and respective partners might provide additional information in other languages. 

10. How are BOOST participants and winners of grant awards chosen? 

An international jury composed of representatives from UNDP, partners, and experts in the fields of innovation and acceleration assess and evaluate the applicants against a pre-defined set of criteria. Announcement of participants are made a couple of weeks before program start. At the end of the program, BOOST organizes a “Demo Day”, during which participants pitch their refined innovations in front of the jury. The jury selects the most promising innovations to award equity-free capital. Selection criteria and more information about each call is found here. 

11. How much time will my organization or company have to devote to the acceleration program on a weekly basis?

BOOST participants will need to dedicate around 6-8 hours per week to fully benefit from the acceleration program. 

12. How do I get appointed a mentor? 

BOOST works with a wide pool of mentors from high-profile international organizations and companies. Participants are matched with experts most relevant for their field of work, and may request additional support from a rich list of experts and partners.  

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