Frequently Asked Questions

BOOST Acceleration Program

1. What is BOOST?

BOOST is an accelerator program, designed by the Istanbul Regional Hub at UNDP Europe and Central Asia and implementing partners. BOOST supports change makers and innovators to address the effects of Covid-19 across Europe and Central Asia in a number of issue areas. It aims to provide professional support through granting and a rigorous educational program consisting of four online tracks (Digital Transformation and Tech, Business and Impact, Crowdfunding, etc.).

2. How can I apply for a BOOST open call?

Check out our Challenges page to see all of our active challenges at the moment. Each challenge has its own individual page with information about the program, funding, and eligibility and selection criteria. If your organization or company is eligible for the call, you can apply using the available application form. Some challenges require additional documents to be submitted so be sure to get acquainted with the individual requirements of the call you’re interested in. Most calls are region-specific and can target specific sectors (such as the civil society sector or private sector) and implementing locations.

3. How can I launch a BOOST open call?

If you are interested in supporting BOOST as a partner, you can send us a partnership request at with information about your company or organization, including mission, goals, and other related information

4. Is it possible to apply for different open calls?

One organization can apply once for an open call. If eligible, the same organization can also apply for other available open calls. New open calls will be periodically announced on the BOOST website.

5. What are the benefits of BOOST? What will my organization or company earn from the program?

BOOST aims to provide funding and professional support for organizations and companies in different sectors, working on solutions tackling Covid-19 challenges. The benefits might vary for different challenges. Applicants will access a highly-qualified mentor pool, funding opportunities, a tailored program and coaching, and the UNDP network of more than 170 country offices globally.

6. Does my organization or company need to pay any fee during or after the application?

No fee is required for applying or taking part in the BOOST acceleration program.

7. Does my organization or company need seed funding to apply for BOOST?

There is no mandatory seed funding for the application.

8. What is the timeline for BOOST challenges? Is there a common timeline, or are they run separately?

The first set of BOOST challenges were launched with an open call in July, but new challenges will be added as new supporting partners join the program.

9. Are there any other funding opportunities after completing the program? If yes, what?

During the program, several grants from $10,000 USD to $40,000 USD will be disbursed to the successful participants. The program also aims to act as a platform connecting applicants to further investment opportunities. Additionally, our supporting partners will develop future funding options for applicants that complete the acceleration program.  BOOST also includes a crowdfunding track called ‘Digital Crowdfunding Academy’ which will share UNDP’s know-how and expertise in creating successful crowdfunding initiatives in the region.

10. Which language is preferred in the applications? Are there any calls and programs in different languages?

BOOST is run and published in English, however, regionally-based open calls and respective partners might provide additional information in other languages.

11. How does the BOOST jury intend to choose the finalists and winners?

A joint jury will be established for evaluation, including members from partners, UNDP, and mentors.

12. How much time will my organization or company have to devote to the challenge on a weekly basis?

The winning applicants will need 8-12 hours per week to run and finish the acceleration program.

13. Can I choose my own mentor from those provided by the program, or are they appointed?

BOOST works with a wide pool of mentors from a number of high-profile international organizations and companies. You will be able to choose mentors from a rich list of experts; some of them will work with specific program tracks.

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