Arimars Teknoloji

Arimars is developing a customizable metaverse platform. It offers a fully immersive metaverse experience (spaces, assets, social interactivity, avatars, augmented reality) to corporations, creatives, and users in order to improve engagement with younger audiences and create new selling, buying, learning or socializing opportunities via various channels using the latest technologies. 

Arimars Teknoloji

Year founded


IT & Software development

Scale-up & growth


Yonca Yesilipek

Yonca Yesilipek

Founder & Chief Amazing Officer

Buket Ustaoglu

Buket Ustaoglu

Head of Operation

Yasemin Yesilipek

Yasemin Yesilipek

Strategy Advisor

The problem

  • Attention is fragmented across various devices (PC, tablet, etc.) or technologies (AR, VR, etc.); 
  • Lack of art and design of the user interface; 
  • Fragmentation of industries: from gaming to purchasing and selling to networking and socializing;
  • Mobile app or application download needs;
  • Lack of customization capability. 

The solution

A single all-in-one platform which users can access through various devices, using a range of different technologies, along with higher quality images and environments.

The platform is a place to sell and purchase 3D assets, play games, learn, network, and interact with others by creating and sharing content. Clients can customize their settings by uploading images, videos and 3D assets. The platform allows easy access via a weblink, with no need to download any app or application. 



If we create a virtual world for sellers and consumers by creating a gamified, interactive and connected metaverse that offers life-like experiences, we could potentially boost the accessibility of goods for the elderly, sick and those with social anxieties and bring them into the centre of the community. Equally important, we could offer remote work opportunities to students, graduates and unemployed citizens wherever they are and whenever they want. 

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