A global online marketplace which connects all players in the floral industry. 


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Ukraine, Estonia

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Khrystyna Didukh

Khrystyna Didukh


The problem

Every grower and every floral shop struggles to attract and maintain a steady flow of customers. On the other hand, customers usually don’t know where to find fresh flowers if they aren’t in their usual nearby place. This causes a lot of stress for the customers, and additional and unnecessary work for growers/florists. 


The solution

ArrowStone is working to create a marketplace for the floral industry that will connect all the players in the industry. It will give them the freedom to decide if they want to sell B2B, B2C or both, while the customer will benefit from freshly cut flowers that haven’t been pummelled about through supply chain and have a longer vase life. 


ArrowStone is designed for those of whom the traditional flower selling model does not see. 93% of all the flowers traded around the world are sold through the Flora Holland auction system. ArrowStone provides small growers, often excluded from the trading system, access to this market through their platform. 

What’s more, 90% of the flower industry is operated and managed by women. ArrowStone provides them with an opportunity to make a profit from their small garden or floristry skills and access the resources necessary to develop their business. They also reduce the need for transportation of flowers (and CO2 emissions respectively) and give the end user an opportunity to buy local. 

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The BOOST programme is a great opportunity, after which it’s not scary to fly to new heights and imagine new levels. 

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