Hajde Folim

Hajde Folim is a digital media brand focusing on mental health, self-care and self-development.  

Hajde Folim

Year founded

Kosovo (as per UNSCR1244)


Product/service validation

The problem

The main problem lies in the lack of data on mental health in Kosovo, as well as the inadequate information regarding identifying and dealing with mental health problems. The problem is further exacerbated by surrounding stigma around mental health and the high price of therapy services.  

The solution

Hajde Folim provides information on mental health, self-care and self-development, using digital media platforms. The team is focussed on educating young people through innovative ways of digital marketing (content marketing) 


At the moment, Hajde Folim has a following base of more than 12k followers on Instagram, achieved in one year, with a weekly reach of up to 80k accounts. Hajde Folim has created a place for itself in the community as one of the most well-known digital spaces for mental health, constantly receiving demand for more services and products to aid people in addressing their wellbeing. 

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