MedPoint Technologies

MedPoint utilizes next generation methods in AI to significantly reduce misdiagnose rates & turnover time while increasing survival rates. 

MedPoint Technologies

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Roza Bejanyan

Roza Bejanyan

Co-Founder & CEO

The problem

Cancer and other pathological diseases take a long time to diagnose. What is more, the misdiagnosis rate is high, and it is hard to get a second medical opinion. Digital pathology and other medtech startups are raising millions of USD, but are unable to provide AI solutions on time, because pathologists are expensive and have no time for annotation. The cooperation between tech companies and the medical world is limited. 

The solution

Medpoint Technologies is building tools for earlier and more precise diagnosis of diseases including paediatric cancer, brain cancer, and lung cancer using digital pathology: AI algorithms applied to analysing clinical samples. The team engaged pathologists and established a database which will provide AI with patterns and key information.  


MedPoint technologies is accelerating the process of semi-automated pathology analysis and will bring AI to all types of pathological diagnoses. The team has already won its first major contract and engaged more than 50 pathologists. 

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