Mimarobot is developing a website and mobile application to offer people seeking construction services free, easy and accurate architectural solutions, with user-friendly price calculation modules, inspiring design ideas and a target-oriented connection between all the various players of the building ecosystem. 


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Esin Dorsan

Esin Dorsan


The problem

Architectural services are often either used for major corporate projects or reserved for the wealthy who can afford to employ an architect. For the rest, who have difficulties accessing such services, this results in a variety of problems that begin at the individual level and then move to the urban scale. People seeking architectural or construction services often have to place their trust in professionals they do not know and invest a significant amount of money in a subject in which they have little experience with or familiarity. To get out of this frustrating scenario, people usually require answers to the following five questions: What has to be done? How much will it cost? How will it be done? How long will it take? Who should I work with? 

The solution

Mimarobot.com was created to connect various players in the building industry through an online tool. It provides free guidance to anyone who needs to help while dealing with construction services of any type. Mimarobot is an Architectural Robot with functions that allow one to easily calculate the required amounts of materials for a specific project, see the most recent cost estimates, examine various design examples, access the contact information of material suppliers and product catalogues, find the architects corresponding to their project’s qualification, meet expert advisors to collaborate in case of need, and all of this at no charge. 



Turkey’s urbanization rate is steadily rising. This is why it is critical to provide consumers with up-to-date architectural data and to efficiently connect the various actors in the building sector. In 2020, Mimarobot reached 200K unique visitors per month. In 2022, this number has climbed to 500K unique visitors each month, with 37% of recurring visitors and 75% of traffic being organic, demonstrating that this tool is beneficial for customers. Furthermore, by providing free services, Mimarobot promotes wellbeing and reduces inequalities. In connection to pushing for decent work and economic growth, the team also collaborates with various actors in the construction industry to contribute to their work. 

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