OK TOWN is a marketplace for local tourism services and outdoor activities aimed at promoting domestic tourism.  


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Olena Kasian

Olena Kasian


The problem

The Ukrainian tourist infrastructure is unevenly developed within the country, resulting in low levels of local tourism and a loss of potential for entire regions. Simultaneously, a lot of small and medium-sized businesses face the challenge of marketing their own offerings and services. Such services are in high demand not only among foreign tourists but also local citizens. Overall, there isn’t a single platform for activities and local tourism in Ukraine.  

The solution

A marketplace for local tourism services and offerings accessible via a website or mobile app, aimed at promoting domestic tourism. OK TOWN addresses the needs of both local businesses and tourists. Unlike other intermediaries in the tourism industry, the solution will assist its clients, who wish to locate services, through OK TOWN to reduce search time and cost. For local SMEs which provide tourist services, outdoor activities, cultural experiences in their region, the marketplace offers opportunities to promote services, reducing marketing costs and providing direct contact with the client. Furthermore, the platform enables small and medium-sized businesses to remain active and digital. Although the solution is focused on Ukraine, the team plans to expand to neighbouring countries, and eventually the entire region 


The team is focused on developing tourism infrastructure, addressing the sustainable cities and communities SDG goal. The solution aims to attract tourists, increase tourism potential, boost local and regional economies, and encourage the development of the service industry. In addition, OK TOWN is committed to contributing to cultural cooperation and creating new opportunities for local museums and art galleries. Currently, the team has established a network of 40 Ukrainian museums that provide local services to engage new customers and spark interest in the art industry.  

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I had to present my project several times, so this experience is good. I received good practical advice that is useful. 

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