Spica Technology

Spica Technology is developing an Health solution called CLARITY to help women take control of their health with access to a digital consilium of doctors experienced in obstetrics and gynaecology. 

Spica Technology

Year founded



Product/service validation


Adina R. Khamitova

Adina R. Khamitova

CEO & Founder

Gauhar Dunenova

Gauhar Dunenova


Oksana Goroshchuk

Oksana Goroshchuk

Postdoctoral Researcher

Tatyana Yugay

Tatyana Yugay

Team member

The problem

Patients face the following problems: 

  • Wrong/unclear diagnosis and treatment strategy due to a single doctor’s opinion; 
  • Prolonged diagnostic journey and route from diagnosis to treatment to recovery; 
  • Lack of healthcare access in remote areas; 
  • Shyness/insecurity to visit a doctor. 

Doctors face the following problems:  

  • Shortage of doctors; 
  • Limited access or no time for continuing education; 
  • Limited access to second medical opinions, especially from other experienced doctors. 

The solution

CLARITY is a mobile application which consists of an international digital consilium of doctors experienced in obstetrics and gynaecology that supports a patient’s journey to health and recovery, and a doctor’s journey to further education. The app is also equipped with an online news aggregator on women’s health. 


Spica Technology is focused on improving women’s health, decreasing healthcare costs, and creating affordable consultation servicesThe CLARITY app reduces the patients’ cycle (road) to diagnosis and treatment, which results in improving health, while also addressing global health challenges and establishing preventive medicine practices for women in Kazakhstan.  

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“BOOST programme has structured, strengthened and sped up our development! We have been lucky to establish some meaningful connections with mentors, who helped us build a strong pitch deck and structure our idea. We now feel that we are ready to embark on the next step, attract investment and become a part of an accelerator.”

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