Upway is reinventing traditional non-formal education in the digital marketplace it will be the Amazon for learners and educators. 


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Marika Abuladze

Marika Abuladze


Marisha Gogolauri

Marisha Gogolauri


Mariam Tsanava

Mariam Tsanava


The problem

There is a major skills gap in Georgia for the most in-demand modern professions. People wishing to upskill have a tough time accessing courses due to the lack of a centralized database of what is available, while providers often don’t even have a digital presence and their sign-up process are usually faulty and not automated. This means that in turn, local non-formal education providers lose potential customers or collaborations. 

The solution

Upway is a marketplace that crowdsources and unites courses from different educational providers in one place, with an easy-to-search function, and automated registration and payment process. It also helps providers with growth marketing and offers an admin panel for educators to add course formation, syllabuses, and reviews.  


Upway has already signed up 50 course providers, with up to 300 courses, helping them place and promote their classes through various digital channels. They have organized trainings for tutors and educators, and mentorships with field experts in data science, design, digital product development, copyrighting, and early tech education for beginners. 

What they're saying about BOOST

For Upway, an early-stage startup, the BOOST programme brings confidence, clearer predications and expectations, which have allowed us to build a solid foundation for faster development. One of the strongest outcomes for Upway was the meeting of world class experts who advised us on critical issues such as scaling, innovation, and our business model. 

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